Six of us traveled north of the border to Ontario to enjoy the “Toothy Critters” that lurk in the cold waters of OBABIKON LAKE!Obabikon Bay Lodge is on the north portion of LAKE OF THE WOODS and is close to the “Narrows” where you sneak through to get to Obabikon Lake. Fun was had by all and can only send a portion of the pictures of all the fish we caught. Pike, Walleyes, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Yellow Perch….we caught them all and ate them all each day at shore lunch prepared by our very qualified Indian Guides. What fun it is to go there each year and probably two times this year….you are welcome to go with us and enjoy the fun north of the border….you will be glad you did!! Nancy and I try to have fun here at Linger’s Guide Service……you only go this way one time…you just as well try to enjoy it!!

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great Memorial Day weekend!! Was fortunate to have Jerry/Weston Barrix and Gaylord/Louis Hodges at the Lodge for their annual trip to Linger’s Guide Service& Fishing Lodge!This was their thirteenth year to come fish with us and enjoy the ARKANSAS OZARKS….there is only one group who have come more consecutive years so we tried to celebrate. Fishing was slow and all who fished that weekend White or Norfork can certainly attest to that. However, we caught some of the largest fish we have caught on any trip! The Norfork River produced the best fish….coming on WHITE RIVER ZIG JIGS and RAPALAS!…….The water levels are high and will remain the same for weeks and weeks,….now is the time to get here and chase the big fish around!!…..CONTACT ME FOR DATES….LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!!

Big Brown?

You want to try for a big brown??? Now is the time!! With the flood water making the river rise we will have heavy generation for weeks and weeks. The big browns move to the bank to avoid all the problems they have been having and that makes them more vulnerable to the rattlin rogue and rapala…..Look at your calendars and make plans to come take a run at a big boy while the conditions are good!! In may the only dates I have available are

May 8 & 9…..May 14,15 1/2 day on the 16th……Then may 29,30,31, June 1st. If you are truly interested these would be good dates. June will be good as well as long as the generation continues. I am certain it will as both lakes are 20 to 25 feet above pool as we speak……..Contact me and let’s make it happen….870-499-5185-Lodge….417-839-0556 Cell….Email….Linger@centurytel.Net…..Lingers guide service & fishing lodge

It’s FLOODING here but the fish don’t mind

It’s FLOODING here but the fish don’t mind if you know where to take your customers!! Great trip with great people! “Doc”, Donna, Pat and Toni all showed how to do it with Toni winning the pot with a 20 inch Brown!!Come to LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE and enjoy some fun of your own!!~ You tell me what type of a trip you want and I can make it happen! Don’t let anyone tell you the weather makes any difference!! GET OUT AND ENJOY LIFE!!

Turkey Hunt

I have to brag a little….Our 10-year-old grandson shot a 22-pound turkey with a 9.5-inch beard during Youth season. It was his first shot with a shotgun! Everyone was happy. I think I may have been happier than him!!

Due to one group needs to change their dates I have the last two weekends in April open!! Get together with your group/family/friends and book a fun trip to LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE…..Water levels are great and the fish biting very well…..spinning, fly rod your choice….fishing has been great!

White River Basin White

The WHITE RIVER basin turned into a Winter Wonderland yesterday!! It didn’t bother the fish as we boated almost 100 for the day!! Water levels are low and the fish are congregated more than usual. It has been this way for weeks and will probably continue until Spring rains and the lakes filling up.Get out your calendar and pick out some dates to come enjoy the White River and Arkansas Ozarks…..LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE  will show you and yours a great time!!


The Father/Son team from Missouri caught 75 fish and proved they knew what they were doing!! The bonus was that the Father and I have known each other for 70 years but had not been together for 35 years or so!! We had a lot of catching up to do. I am sure the Son got a little bored with the Old Man talk, but I certainly enjoyed it! Just an example how fishing and the great outdoors can bring people together. Book your trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE AND MAKE YOUR MEMORIES!

Season Kick Off

With one more week of vacation before the lodge/guide service kicks off for the season, Nancy and I were fortunate to get invited to fish a 250-acre lake in east central Arkansas for a couple of days…..and what a couple of days it was!! The first afternoon we only landed 14 fish, but they were great BASS. My biggest three weighed 21 pounds, and I had several more in the 4,5,6 pound range. Nancy was terribly proud of her largest fish coming in at 8 pounds!! What a fun time if you are a bass fisherman and that is putting it mildly…….Now is the time to think about your trip here to the White River and Arkansas Ozarks. Bookings are coming in on a regular basis so get in touch with me so we can get you the dates you want!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE……IT’S TIME TO GET OUTDOORS AND DO SOME FISHING!!

Winter Bass Fishing

You can expect this kind of picture in the Winter when folks are not on the river. The bass fishing will only get better as the water temps rise. Tempo is 48 right now and may go down a little in the next few weeks but not much.

Once these big bass makes their move to shallow to feed they don’t go back to deep water, just keep casting and HANG ON!!!



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