First Blog Entry July 15, 2004

Trout fishing trips on the White & Norfork rivers are an experience for all the family to enjoy. Once you have enjoyed this experience you will come back over and over as 80% of our customers have over the years. Trout bite year around and there is no particular time the fish bite better. It really depends on what type of weather you enjoy being in while enjoying nature and reeling in the “Finny Foe”. Generally speaking the larger trout bite better from December through March but you might catch the big one most any time you are here. My personal best trout came in the month of May and the next two largest came in July and September.

Linger First blog photo upload 7-15-04

50th Birthday

What a nice birthday present Leigh Meux gave her boyfriend Joe Oberle of Little Rock! It was Joes 50th birthday and his present was a trip top the White River to try and catch a large Brown Trout….Guess What?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!! You can tell be the expressions on their faces that it was a good birthday….I don’t know who had more fun Joe or Leigh!!?? July 2007013_linger_blog 50th 015_linger_blog 50th 014_linger_blog 50th 012_linger_blog 50th 011_linger_blog 50th 009_linger_blog 50th 010_linger_blog 50th 008_linger_blog 50th 007_linger_blog 50th 006_linger_blog 50th 004_linger_blog 50th 005_linger_blog 50th 003_linger_blog 50th 002_linger_blog 50th 001_linger_blog 50th

Beautiful Weekend On The White River

What a volatile but beautiful weekend on the WHITE RIVER. Looking off the deck here at the lodge you can see the volatile cloud cover but it made for some good fishing. The river is running full and the color is excellent. Unless we have unusual rains all should remain the same for quite a while.Come to the Arkansas and enjoy yourself in the beautiful surroundings……LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE WILL SEE TO IT YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME!!

White River photographs

White River View

Muse and Views of Jim Brentlinger