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Deer Camp

These are photographs of our deer camp with my family and my lease members. We finally got back after 12 days and are headed back this weekend for a special Youth Hunt and some bow hunting. I got a nice buck, and my grandson got a nice deer. All had fun. Think about that Winter trip to LINGERS’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE. THE WATER LEVELS ARE JUST RIGHT TO CATCH ALL THE FISH YOU WOULD WANT TO!!!

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Father’s Day Celebration

Now are these two having any fun? You bet they were. A. J. and Luke were here for three days of fishing on the WHITE RIVER and staying here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE with their Fathers. What great Dads and what great kids! It does my soul good to see parents bringing their children to the great outdoors and letting them experience what nature has to offer. What fun. You still have time to get a trip together with your Sons or Daughters and enjoy the fun . . . Fishing on the White River is a perfect venue for youngsters!!
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Youth Turkey Season

IMG_2334It was Youth Turkey Season, and we had a couple of warriors! One you can see never left camp and the other warrior took a little nap while I was calling. Guess my calling was pretty boring.

NancyMy youth bride Nancy sat quietly by as I tried to trick the Wiley gobbler down the hill but to no avail! We are back to a robust schedule of fishing, and they are biting!! Caught 27 in an hour and 50 minutes yesterday!! Enjoy the fun at lingers guide service & fishing lodge, don’t wait, contact me today and book some Summer fun in the Arkansas Ozarks!!


Fish on!!

IMG_2274Fish on is the call that strikes fear in the heart of your competitors!! Well, it was something like that today. My long time customer and friend from Benton Arkansas and his wife attacked the Norfork River first. It was not to be. The Norfork can be off or on and this morning it was off!

These folks are casters and never sat down. Their result was only four fish and just enough for shore lunch. However, after a fried trout shore lunch, we were back at it on the white river and bingo!

IMG_2280They caught thirty, something fish in a couple of hours. The day was saved, and I hope my reputation as well. “All is well that ends,” as you can see by the happy folks in the picture on the deck of the lodge. Her first trout, a beautiful 17 inch brown for dad and even the little mutual help getting lures out of trees!!

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That is a big part of life as well all go from day to day and year to year. As it was this week when Dick Jackson and his Grandson Jarred came back to the Arkansas Ozarks to catch some White River trout! It was great to see them again as we had fished together before and also had hunted Geese at Dicks hunting lodge in Oklahoma. Along with them came a very good friend of theirs Don Barron who had never been in this area before.

He had more stories than me and kept me occupied with his Texas stories and fishing adventures. What a good time was had by all. Believe me Dick and Don like to eat and all this time I have been thinking I was just a good cook!?  They capped off the meals by eating 24 trout for one dinner and two complete chickens for another dinner.  Thankfully the table cloth was tied down or it may have disappeared! Nothing better than seeing empty plates but when there are chunks out of the edges where they tried to bite into them…well I will let you imagine from there!!

What a great time seeing old friends and certainly meeting a new friend. I am sure we will stay friends for a long time and can’t wait for them to return to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE! Their wives need to feed them better before they come next time!


How much fun is it to see a young folk get their first Turkey?! The Missouri Youth Turkey Season was last weekend and we were fortunate enough to have a successful hunter.

Jarret is his name and he is from Springfield. He was front and center on opening morning and with a little help from a relative he was able to get his .20 gauge on target and score his first Turkey. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long relationship with the outdoors and all the fun and excitement that comes with it!

Young Turkey Hunter

Jarrett with first turkey.

We are very lucky to have had a hunting lease for 16 or 17 years and it is experiences like Jarret’s that motivate us to continue keeping the dream alive for us adults as well as our children and grand children.


Young man with first turkey

Jarret from Springfield, Missouri with his first turkey.

turkey from hunting day.