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Holiday Treat!

What better holiday treat than to have some of the Nocona Texas boys here for a few days.The Honorable Judge Rick Lewis and his brother-in-law Louis Trammel just left for home after a beautiful trip to the White River.

Judge Lewis has been coming to the White River for over 30 years and has been using our service for the past 13 years. Judge Lewis has always been gracious enough to bring friends and family along to share and enjoy the river experience.

Fishing was not great but 50 fish the first day and 70 the second was enough to whet the appetite for catching fish and also plenty to have a shore lunch with all the trimmings one evening!

It is always super to see Rick and the various friends he brings with him….I am already anxious for him to come again!!

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Congratulations Bob and Gigi Stevenson!

It is not everyday I help celebrate weddings. I have this fatalistic approach to weddings ever since I learned that 3 out of 5 will end in divorce within five years.Why waste my time and money on a 66% assured loss! Would you invest $10,000 in a guaranteed 66% loss offer???

NOT IN THE CASE OF BOB AND GIGI STEVENSON. They just got married in June and there is no doubt in my mind they will last forever (or deer season). What a treat for us to give them a several day trip to Linger’s Guide Service as our wedding present. I have known Bob for 17/18 years and just met GiGi. . . she was everything Bob had told me she would be and more.

Fishing is not their forte but they certainly have a love of the outdoors and all the plants and creatures that inhabit our world. I hope that they had as much fun being here as we did host them for a somewhat different type wedding gift. Good luck to both and I know they will prove the latest statistics wrong!!

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Fish Out Of The Water!


Talk about a “fish out of water”!! Take my friend and fellow guide Capt Billy Rabito A1A Sporfishing of Marathon Florida for example. He has 40 years of knowledge fishing for all that swims in the deep water offshore or on the flats in the “Back Country”. Tarpon, Bonefish, Barracuda, Snapper are his specialties and excels at Fly Fishing for Tarpopn and also bait fishing for them at the bridges in the lower Keys.

Here is a fellow who has never freshwater fished and just fished the ocean for 40 years. It was quite an experience for Capt. Billy to come to north Arkansas and fish the world famous WHITE RIVER for Rainbow and Brown trout.

The first and biggest challenge was to negotiate all the curvy roads. Anyone who has ever travelled to the Keys knows it is one highway which is straight, no hills or curves the entire length. Sixty years later it was culture shock to drive our roadways.

Fun it was fun however, Capt. Billy spin fishing for Rainbows on 4 lb. line and never needing the “gaff”!! Just goes to show you we can all learn something new each and every day. I know that fishing with Capt. Billy two different times in the Keys I have learned an immense amount about how, when & where he fishes and why.

We were truly proud he came to the Arkansas Ozarks and LINGDER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE for some new experiences but I am confident he is glad to be back on his home turf! Check out his web site and put together a trip with Capt. Billy….You will be glad you did. A FRIEND IN THE BOAT!


I have known Dan Farrer since I started LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE some 10 years ago. He comes a couple of times a year and loves to fish. A world traveler in his own right we always have a lot to talk about on these excursions.

Normally a “day tripper” he spent two days with me. He said he wanted to fly fish, spin fish and level wind fish and that is what we did. The best luck coming on the fly rod and on the White River Zig Jig on light spinning tackle.

Over our years together I have met most all of his family and spent much time learning about each others life experiences. It has been at least 10 years and all I can say is “what a friend”! I wish he was returning again this week!!

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