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Make Your Own Fun!

Make your own fun! You can make your own fun at Lingers Guide
Service & Fishing Lodge! The Sandy family from Springfield, MO,
brought three generations to the White River for a family get together. My boat quit counting at 100 fish before lunch!! Make your own fun & memories at Lingers Guide Service & Fishing Lodge! You will be glad you did!!

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It’s About Time!

img_2456 img_2518 img_2537 img_2564 img_2566IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! In the next 30 days, our leaves will start to change, the lake water temps go down, we will have our first frost, shorter cooler days will be here. WHAT BETTER REASONS TO COME TO THE ARKANSAS OZARKS AND ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS! Here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE we offer a variety of outdoor experiences that will make your Fall one to remember.Just give these items are just a few of the rewards for coming to Lingers Guide Service.

Trout Fishing On The World Famous White & Norfork Rivers!

Scenic Boat Rides On The Rivers If That Is What You Want!

Largemouth Bass Fishing On Lake Norfork.

Smallmouth Trips On Crooked Creek Or The White Depending On Water Level!

Golf At Award Winning Big Creek Golf & Country Club.

Stay A Day Or Two To Enjoy The Serene And Scenic Offerings Here At The Lodge!

There Is Something Here For All To Do And We Are Anxious To Make Your Trip One To Remember!

Now Is The Time To Book Your September/October Trip To Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge. Enjoy The Fun!!

Father’s Day Celebration

Now are these two having any fun? You bet they were. A. J. and Luke were here for three days of fishing on the WHITE RIVER and staying here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE with their Fathers. What great Dads and what great kids! It does my soul good to see parents bringing their children to the great outdoors and letting them experience what nature has to offer. What fun. You still have time to get a trip together with your Sons or Daughters and enjoy the fun . . . Fishing on the White River is a perfect venue for youngsters!!
Contact me for your booking!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!

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Wichita Group

The “Wichita Group” made it back to the White River once again! What a great time we had and already wanting them to return!! Put together your group and venture forth to do battle with the “Finney Foe”!!I have a few dates in July/August and booking for OCTOBER/SEPTEMBER…..Something has happened this year and the area including my service has been very busy, unlike recent years. If you have certain dates, you need NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK!! Two trips already on the books for October so contact me and lets work out the details for your trip to the Arkansas Ozarks!!
Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge WANTS YOU TO HAVE SOME FUN ON THE WHITE RIVER!!

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12th Year Adventure

IMG_2400And what a trip it was. The Barrix & Hodges boys were all here for their 12th year. I have known them a long time watching the boys grow up in my boat year to year (the Fathers have not grown up yet I assure you)!

We had two good days of fishing especially the second day when we took a chance on the Norfork River and it paid off! They are all home safely now and I am counting the days until they return!

Come make some memories of your own on the White River with Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge….book now for your summer trip to the Arkansas Ozarks!!

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Hoosier’s Finished First On The White

IMG_2372This group of four from Indiana really fished hard and their results were obvious. Not only some nice size trout both Rainbow & Browns but the end result was the large platter of fish we had for shore lunch dinner!!





IMG_2373IMG_2379My friend Mike, on the other hand, had a hard time with his bass fishing skills yesterday. The photo tells you all you need to know about his ONLY bass!!Come enjoy the fun at Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge…Book now for your Summer trip to the WHITE RIVER!!



James Gang Rides Again!

And so the James Gang came to the white river….again….Father David and Son Jason came once again to have a little fun on the White River. Jame was just here with his wife and came back a few weeks later with his Father. I don’t know if I know anyone else that makes as many casts as the James Gang, but that is the way to hedge your bet when trying to catch a bigger fish…keep your lure in the water…..and believe me these folks know all about that. A pleasure to fish with as they fish hard and stay with it every minute they are in the boat. The results are in the picture.!!
Enjoy the fun at Linger’s Guide Service &Fishing Lodge! You will be glad you did!


Fish on!!

IMG_2274Fish on is the call that strikes fear in the heart of your competitors!! Well, it was something like that today. My long time customer and friend from Benton Arkansas and his wife attacked the Norfork River first. It was not to be. The Norfork can be off or on and this morning it was off!

These folks are casters and never sat down. Their result was only four fish and just enough for shore lunch. However, after a fried trout shore lunch, we were back at it on the white river and bingo!

IMG_2280They caught thirty, something fish in a couple of hours. The day was saved, and I hope my reputation as well. “All is well that ends,” as you can see by the happy folks in the picture on the deck of the lodge. Her first trout, a beautiful 17 inch brown for dad and even the little mutual help getting lures out of trees!!

Get in on the fun at Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge!! I am booking now for late June and the summer!!



The Becker trip just finished up and it was a good 16th year coming to the White River. Twenty fishermen fished for the two days and caught plenty of fish for the cooker and the fishing contests were great.

The winning team took home $1,000 and we also had a Yeti Cooler awarded for big fish each day and second place each day was a pair of COSTA sun glasses. FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!!

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 IMG_2209SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! How about this weather?? We just have not had Winter in Arkansas and it is looking like we are not going to!! Sure has made a great time to fish the river or the  lake and get in quite a few rounds of golf and the long term forecast says MORE OF THE SAME!!. Both the White River and the Norfork are back to normal levels and the fish biting very well.

IMG_2212No matter what type of fishing you like to do catching fish is not a problem.Bookings have been better this year than several past years and Spring dates are getting full. Here are some weeks that are available t4hat you may be interested in….NOW IS THE TIME TO SECURE THOSE DATES…..

3-28 to 4-3

4-4 to 4-8

4-11 to 4-15

5-27 to 5-31

All the rest of March and May are taken but June is wide open as of the moment. Give me a shout and lets work out the details of your trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE….You will be glad you did!