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Tarpon In Trinidad/Tobago

F  I  S  H   O  N!!!! This is putting it mildly!! Our trip to Trinidad/Tobago was great!! The number one TARPON fishing location in the world and it lived up to all expectations and then some!! Back in Norfork Arkansas is a big change as we left the tropics and came home to rain and snow!!  Oh Well, I still love to see the seasons change and enjoy the scenery it brings with it! Had total phone connections while gone so was able to deal with a few bookings that came in while we were on our mission. NOW IS THE TIME to book the dates you want/need. Contact me and lets work out your custom trip to the White River!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE& FISHING LODGE Come see us….You will be glad you did!!

Happy New Year!

AND…..A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you folks out there in Email land. I hope you got everything you wished for at CHRISTMAS and that your NEW YEAR is the best ever.Things in the Arkansas Ozarks are about the same…this time of year it is river fishing, lake fishing and deer hunting…not much else to do if you live around here. Generation has just increased this week and it looks like they are into their Winter draw down. This makes more room in the lakes so they don’t get surprised by late Winter and early Spring rains. These water conditions favor catching a big fish in the higher water while casting “stickbaits”!!  This is a good time for you to start planning your year and put together a trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE! I have not made a firm decision yet but I am leaning toward this year being my last to operate my guide service. This is year 16 and just don’t know how many more, if any, I have left in me. Things are fine for now so get your schedule working and book a trip to come enjoy the White River!!…..YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!   

Trout Biting Like Crazy!

The trout are biting like crazy and virtually no fisher people to punish them. The constant low water for the last couple of months have those bad boys loaded up in certain parts of the river
and makes it a lot easier to find them. Barring some days when fish just don’t bite we have been having our way with them. The big fish don’t bite real well on low water but there are a lot of fish biting and that keeps you busy & interested!! This group of Tennessee boys came for the 13th year in a row and had a hell of a time on the White River……..Look into the Winter or next year and book a trip to come enjoy the Arkansas Ozarks!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE is here to show you a GOOD TIME!!

A Year Later

Nancy finally got her deer back from the taxidermist…It took one year and the 2018 season starts next weekend. She will be defending her “big buck” title in camp so here we go again!!……. How about a winter trip to linger’s guide service & fishing lodge?? The fish bite the same all year so why not put a little extra fun in your life!!

Trout Biting As Good As You Ever Want

F I S H O N !!! Just because school is back in session and football Is being played doesn’t mean the fish quit biting!! The TROUT are biting as good as you would ever want….they are practically ramming their heads into the boat trying to get in!! It’s the time of year when the river is low on a daily basis and the weather changing to those 60-degree mornings and 80-degree afternoons. Get your group together and come to enjoy some Fall fishing on the WHITE RIVER!
here are some dates that are available at this time… me so we can set up a trip specially designed for your needs!!

September 20 thru 23
September 27 thru 30
October 4 thru 7
October 11 thru 14
October 18 thru 21


The Weather Is Great

FISH ON !!!….. see what you are missing??!! Come to linger’s guide service & fishing lodge and let’s have a little fun on the white river.!! The weather is great and the fish are biting good so why not grab the kids or a friend and book your trip!! This is also a good time to book for a trip in September or October……the water levels will remain the same and the leaves turn around the 10th of October so give me a shout and let’s put together your trip to the Arkansas Ozarks!! Linger’s guide service & fishing lodge.

Browns! They Are Biting!

BROWNS!!! THEY ARE A BITING!!!…….. For the last couple of weeks, we have steadily caught some larger BROWNS….catching them on Rapalas as well as the WHITE RIVER ZIG JIG!!
Customers have caught eight BROWNS from 18 to 24 inches and lost a few on the way to the boat. Come enjoy some fun on the WHITE RIVER with LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE AND MAKE YOUR OWN MEMORIES!! Book your trip TODAY……..


I HAVE ESCAPED!! My Fall and late Summer have gone very well however my lower back has continued to deteriorate. After Deer Season I decided to opt for surgery expecting a few days of down time and a little rehab. November 20th I went under the knife and as my luck sort of ran out. Horrible results….pain beyond description and two full weeks in acute rehab not being able to move. I have been bound to home for rehab the past 10 days with the future uncertain. I AM DEFINITELY BETTER being able to get around with a cane and a walker but there is plenty of room for improvement!!

For you long-time customers and for those of you just giving some thought to coming to Arkansas….COME ON DOWN. I have already had more bookings for this coming Spring than I have and have more pending. I will be good to go by the time you get here and am looking forward to seeing you……PLEASE put LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE ON YOUR LIST OF THINGS TO DO IN 2018 and contact me to get the dates you want for your group. sorry for the absence….I will do my best to stray in touch!!