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Finney Foe Fighters

F  I  S  H   O  N !!! My stomach and chest are literally sore from laughing at these guys for four days! I am going through with drawl now that the lodge is emptyand life is back to normal. Fishing was slower than usual but we still had Browns from 16 to 22 inches and a 20 inch Rainbow so all was not lost.  all these fellows are all accomplished fishermen(except one) so they put up a good fight against the “finney foe” under poor conditions! After having them come for 15 years I can’t wait for them to return!! Get your own group together and come enjoy some fun at LINGER’S  GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!! 

Fish on!!

IMG_2274Fish on is the call that strikes fear in the heart of your competitors!! Well, it was something like that today. My long time customer and friend from Benton Arkansas and his wife attacked the Norfork River first. It was not to be. The Norfork can be off or on and this morning it was off!

These folks are casters and never sat down. Their result was only four fish and just enough for shore lunch. However, after a fried trout shore lunch, we were back at it on the white river and bingo!

IMG_2280They caught thirty, something fish in a couple of hours. The day was saved, and I hope my reputation as well. “All is well that ends,” as you can see by the happy folks in the picture on the deck of the lodge. Her first trout, a beautiful 17 inch brown for dad and even the little mutual help getting lures out of trees!!

Get in on the fun at Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge!! I am booking now for late June and the summer!!



Caught a limit in 45 minutes yesterday and life was good. Fished the lower Norfork and did not have to work very hard for them.  Also, there was a very big fish lost due to its size and energy! It was caught right under the 5 Highway bridge which is where large fish have been caught forever!

I STILL HAVE A PRIME WEEK AVAILABLE IN APRIL…4-11 thru 4-15….check your plans and maybe you can take advantage of this super time to be enjoying the great outdoors!!The picture is sunset yesterday over PUSH MOUNTAIN!!



IMG_2191As of this moment, Bull Shoals is still 15 feet high and Norfork is 7 feet high.The Corp is running all 8 generators on Bull and 2 generators on Norfork 24 hours a day plus 8 and 2 over flow gates. At this

The Corp is running all 8 generators on Bull and 2 generators on Norfork 24 hours a day plus 8 and 2 over flow gates. At this rate, Norfork will be at power pool in about 12 days and Bull in about 15 days providing they keep the same schedule and we get no more rain.

TROUT are biting just a little bit with the sluggish results blamed on just too much volume of water.

As soon as it gets to normal flow and normal discharge rates…LOOK OUT!! Within a couple of weeks, things should be just fine. The picture of the nice Cutthroat came at the mouth of the creek at Mcclellands and took the reliable RAPALA! Get out your calendar and book a trip to Lingers Guide Service & Fishing Lodge for March to get the season kicked off!! You will be glad you did!


Brown Trout and Higher Water Results

Jim with brown trout.

High water gets good results in brown trout fishing.

This higher than normal water of late has certainly improved the BROWN TROUT fishing!! Due to the lakes being full they have been generating much more water than usual which raises the river a few feet. This moves those bigger BROWNS around and you have a  better chance of running into one.  Just tie on your RAPALA or ROGUE and don’t put it down!! Be patient and stay ready for the attack!!…….LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing has been really good of late as well.

SPINNER BAITS on top most all day if the weather/wind cooperate!!….. I have a lot to offer those that enjoy fishing in the ARKANSAS OZARKS so book your trip today and let’s enjoy the experience together…..LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE…….call…email…..or text me…..any of those will work for me!!