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It’s About Time!

img_2456 img_2518 img_2537 img_2564 img_2566IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! In the next 30 days, our leaves will start to change, the lake water temps go down, we will have our first frost, shorter cooler days will be here. WHAT BETTER REASONS TO COME TO THE ARKANSAS OZARKS AND ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS! Here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE we offer a variety of outdoor experiences that will make your Fall one to remember.Just give these items are just a few of the rewards for coming to Lingers Guide Service.

Trout Fishing On The World Famous White & Norfork Rivers!

Scenic Boat Rides On The Rivers If That Is What You Want!

Largemouth Bass Fishing On Lake Norfork.

Smallmouth Trips On Crooked Creek Or The White Depending On Water Level!

Golf At Award Winning Big Creek Golf & Country Club.

Stay A Day Or Two To Enjoy The Serene And Scenic Offerings Here At The Lodge!

There Is Something Here For All To Do And We Are Anxious To Make Your Trip One To Remember!

Now Is The Time To Book Your September/October Trip To Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge. Enjoy The Fun!!

Duck On!

Actually . . . D U C K   O N !!A friend of mine was fishing on the Norfork River last weekend when out of nowhere a half-breed MALLARD DUCK flew by and landed in his boat. The duck stayed there for over an hour not only while they fishing but also when they ran the outboard motor moving from area to area!! ONLY IN NORFORK!!COME ENJOY SOME OF THE FUN AT LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!


Mr. Duck takes a break.

12th Year Adventure

IMG_2400And what a trip it was. The Barrix & Hodges boys were all here for their 12th year. I have known them a long time watching the boys grow up in my boat year to year (the Fathers have not grown up yet I assure you)!

We had two good days of fishing especially the second day when we took a chance on the Norfork River and it paid off! They are all home safely now and I am counting the days until they return!

Come make some memories of your own on the White River with Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge….book now for your summer trip to the Arkansas Ozarks!!

IMG_2398 IMG_2395 IMG_2389 IMG_2388 IMG_2387 IMG_2381


Caught a limit in 45 minutes yesterday and life was good. Fished the lower Norfork and did not have to work very hard for them.  Also, there was a very big fish lost due to its size and energy! It was caught right under the 5 Highway bridge which is where large fish have been caught forever!

I STILL HAVE A PRIME WEEK AVAILABLE IN APRIL…4-11 thru 4-15….check your plans and maybe you can take advantage of this super time to be enjoying the great outdoors!!The picture is sunset yesterday over PUSH MOUNTAIN!!



IMG_2191As of this moment, Bull Shoals is still 15 feet high and Norfork is 7 feet high.The Corp is running all 8 generators on Bull and 2 generators on Norfork 24 hours a day plus 8 and 2 over flow gates. At this

The Corp is running all 8 generators on Bull and 2 generators on Norfork 24 hours a day plus 8 and 2 over flow gates. At this rate, Norfork will be at power pool in about 12 days and Bull in about 15 days providing they keep the same schedule and we get no more rain.

TROUT are biting just a little bit with the sluggish results blamed on just too much volume of water.

As soon as it gets to normal flow and normal discharge rates…LOOK OUT!! Within a couple of weeks, things should be just fine. The picture of the nice Cutthroat came at the mouth of the creek at Mcclellands and took the reliable RAPALA! Get out your calendar and book a trip to Lingers Guide Service & Fishing Lodge for March to get the season kicked off!! You will be glad you did!


Winter Wonderland At Linger’s

We are leaving for the river but before leaving I wanted to share a winter picture from the deck of the lodge!

We are just as tired of the snow as many of you folks throughout the U S A but you have to admit it is pretty and the river will be gorgeous!

Get your group together and make plans to come to the White River and enjoy what the Arkansas Ozarks has to offer! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE will treat you to some great fishing !!