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It’s About Time!

img_2456 img_2518 img_2537 img_2564 img_2566IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! In the next 30 days, our leaves will start to change, the lake water temps go down, we will have our first frost, shorter cooler days will be here. WHAT BETTER REASONS TO COME TO THE ARKANSAS OZARKS AND ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS! Here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE we offer a variety of outdoor experiences that will make your Fall one to remember.Just give these items are just a few of the rewards for coming to Lingers Guide Service.

Trout Fishing On The World Famous White & Norfork Rivers!

Scenic Boat Rides On The Rivers If That Is What You Want!

Largemouth Bass Fishing On Lake Norfork.

Smallmouth Trips On Crooked Creek Or The White Depending On Water Level!

Golf At Award Winning Big Creek Golf & Country Club.

Stay A Day Or Two To Enjoy The Serene And Scenic Offerings Here At The Lodge!

There Is Something Here For All To Do And We Are Anxious To Make Your Trip One To Remember!

Now Is The Time To Book Your September/October Trip To Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge. Enjoy The Fun!!


IMG_2447We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Obabikon Bay Lodge on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. I don’t have to say much as you will get the drift when you look at this small sampling of photos taken on our 4.5 day trip to Obabikon! We were on our 16th trip to Obabikon Bay Lodge, and there will be 16 more if I live long enough. If a journey like this is on your “bucket list” then join us for next years trip and experience fishing like you have never dreamed! THE DATES FOR 2017 are May 18th through 23rd.

IMG_2452 IMG_2451

There is no limit to how many folks can go on the trip, but you need to get on the list so I can coordinate with the lodge owner.Enjoy the pictures then go to Obabikon Bay Lodge website and see for yourself what you will be experiencing.There is a $500 deposit per person required six months out. Get with your Wife or your fishing buddies and make it happen. In the meantime come to the Arkansas Ozarks And Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge to experience the world famous White River!! Fishing is magnificent and the weather perfect.

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White River Within Its Banks

The WHITE RIVER is well within its banks and clearing nicely…..The assault on the BIG BROWNS starts this Friday and will continue until further notice!! Take a look at the two pictures of my new shore lunch spot and see what happened….the high water covered 90% of the beautiful bank with SAND! It is now a beach area and will remain like that for some time to come. Bring your beach balls and sunglasses and we will have a little fun on the beach while preparing that special shore lunch!!We sell fun here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!!


Nicaragua Hunt

We have always liked to doing things in the out of doors that most folks don’t have an interest in doing. A high volume Dove hunt has always been a desire of mine and Nancy’s. When we had the chance to go to Nicaragua for such a hunt we booked it immediately.We decided to make the trip an interesting one by going a few days early and see what the country was all about. We chose the Christmas Holidays which was a good decision and contacted a private driver/interpreter/hunt lodge employee to show us around for three days prior to our three days of hunting. The Nicaraguan history was rich…the scenery different than what we’re used to and some of the views absolutely breathtaking especially around the various volcanos that are present and active.The government decorate the entire Capitol of Managua with more Christmas decorations/nativity scenes(life size) and lights than you can possibly imagine……lobster lunch at Catatrina overlooking Lake Masaya and Granada from a 4000 foot mountain top perch was a highlight for sure before heading to the hunting lodge. Once there you were treated to Margaritas and Nachos after every hunt before settling in for lunch or dinner. The hunts were 2.5 hours each…one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Basically you shot 10 boxes of shells at each hunt. More if you wanted to.No waste of a good resource as the locals would gather around during the hunt and wait to be awarded all the doves after you were done. They get very little meat so this is a real treat for the local folks and they seem to be very appreciative. Not only Doves but also a good sampling of Wild Pigeons depending the terrain you were hunting that day.A larger, pretty bird that has a special taste and are very sought after.Each hunt you would shoot 50 to 100 birds depending on ability and the prevailing wind conditions. Much faster and trickier than the Mourning Doves found in the United States making for very difficult/interesting targets!There is not enough space to tell you everything I want to about an EXCELLENT trip that we will repeat very soon. If you have questions about this exciting experience feel free to contact me and I will fill you in on the details of A TRUE BUCKET LIST TRIP!!

Vacation Rentals Supreme

Troutfest- Best Fishing Around! Stunning Riverfront Home in Norfork W/Screened-in Porch, Pool Table & Outdoor Grill – Perfect Family Destination!

Lakeview Arkansas

Shore lunch for the Lewis Group from Nocono Texas with “special dignitary” Louis Trammel (The most knowledgeable guy in Texas) !! What a great day on the river and what a great new place for shore lunch. The spot is actually part of one of the VACATION RENTALS I have told you folks about previously. Don’t be bashful about coming to Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge OR checking out the available VACATION RENTALS in Norfork & COTTER at the links below…..Tis the season to enjoy not only the outdoors but also your family and friends that make this time of year so special….book now to come enjoy the WHITE RIVER this Winter!  IMG_1938





Bull Shoals Lake & Norfork Lake are back to normal pool and the water levels on the White River are back to normal as well. Water clarity is fine and plenty of fish are available.

The Fall colors have peaked and it has been a beautiful Fall on the White River!! Trout are plentiful in the river and the Bass are starting to feed for Winter as the water temps drop into the sixties.

Look ahead and book your late Fall or Winter excursion to the Arkansas Ozarks & White River….contact me today to plan your trip!!LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE

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Same Temperatures All Year

linger blog deer

Everyone and everything has been cold here in Arkansas. The deer are certainly appreciative of the corn I put out for them on the rocks just below the deck!

It has not slowed the trout down however! Since the White & Norfork rivers are hydro in nature they stay the same temperature all year round….about 57/58 degrees. Therefore the fish bite the same every day of the year!!

Don’t let the outside temps slow you down!! The fish certainly don’t care!! Come enjoy the Arkansas Ozarks and get a jump on Spring!!


Jim “Linger” Brentlinger
870-499-5185 Lodge
417-839-0556 Cell


Beautiful Fall Scenery With All The Trimmings!

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With brown trout, deer and turkey season, plus Halloween and beautiful Fall scenery, it is hard to beat the Ozarks . . . Come see us and enjoy this celebration of Fall by catching a boat load of fish and enjoying the scenery.


Call Text or Email me today to get your trip booked to enjoy what is going on here in the Arkansas Ozarks.


It is the time of year to migrate to Canada and leave the
beautiful White River for a week or so. The ice is just “going out” today and we will be on the water by Saturday.

It is my favorite time to Northern Pike fish as they spawn in that type of water and are extremely aggressive. I will be back in 8 days or so but will have total phone contact both voice and text. If you need anything or have a need to book fishing dates just give me a call or a text and we can get it done.

Trout fishing is good and should remain the same in the weeks to come so get your dates figured out and give LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE a call to book your dates!!


This was definitely the best Turkey hunting experience my wife Nancy and I have ever had.  wowsliderFor a change, my turkey calling seemed to actually mean something to the turkeys and they responded very well. My friend, Mark Becker and I “doubled” on Friday thanks to the YELLOW YELPER call!!.

Nancy got her first one early Saturday morning and she got her second one early Sunday morning. The time spent in the woods with her and coaxing those reluctant turkeys to within shotgun range  will be something she and I will remember/share for a lifetime . . . topping  it all off it was our 35th anniversary!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NANCY!! We do more than just fish here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE. Book a trip and come share some stories!

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