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Norfork Has It All!

Not really but we have enough to take care of whatever you may need while on your trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE.

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We have HUGH’S GROCERY which is a convenience store with gas a mile from the lodge. Just three miles from the lodge in the town of Norfork (484 people) and an old trading post in the 1800’s we have other offerings. There is a U.S. POST OFFICE, Two Rivers Market with a complete line of personal items you may need and they did not get in your suitcase.

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TWO RIVERS FLY SHOP has been here for quite sometime and has a full line of equipment and tackle. SHARPS GUN STORE is the largest gun store in the whole area and their inventory is truly amazing for such a small town. Most important these days is our seven day a week full line liquor store. WOODSMANS LIQUOR is only a couple of years old and has a complete line of Beer, Wine,and Liquor. KENDRA WOODS has done a great job of taking care of us with any type of adult beverages we may want at competitive prices AND she sells FISHING LICENSE as well!

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The big news is the new bridge across the Norfork River. It is scheduled to be done this Summer and the first new bridge is 60/70 years.

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Don’t miss the photo of NORFORK RIVER RESORT. The very nice cabins up on stilts are right on the bank of the Norfork River and it is where I book trips over six people who are fishing with me.Not the scenery you get from my lodge but plenty nice for groups from 8 to 24 or more!

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The WOLF HOUSE is the oldest building in the state of Arkansas and has quite a history. Originaly a trading post at the confluence of the White & Norfork rivers it attracts a lot of visitors each year to learn about its history.



So come spend a few days where time has stood still for decades and it does not look like anything will change in my lifetime!


Television Fishing Shows

Ever wonder how they make those television fishing shows where they catch so many large Bass?…..It is easy….You put a 21 foot boat with all your gear on an acre farm pond an go to fishing. The results look great on camera but in reality it is like shooting fish in a barrel. When you watch those programs look in the background and see if you see any other boats, a launching ramp, a public use area etc. Very rarely…..we did just that and the results were great. Many big fish and hardly had to move the boat! It is fun to catch fish and there are a lot of ways of accomplishing the feat. Come to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE and we will do our best to get you hooked up!!   photo