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The Bramer Boys

Beamer Boys photo 1 Beamer Boys photo 2The Bramer boys made it a Happy Father Days with a trip to the White River and Lingers Guide Service!! Pat and his son Ben had not been able to get together much this past year due to being separated by many miles of travel so this trip was special to both of them. Fishing was slow in the morning but after a full shore lunch of trout fillets and all the trimmings the fish turned on and they finished strong. It is great to be along seeing a family enjoy themselves first then the fishing second.I think they will return another day!! Maybe another Fathers Day trip!!

Beamer Boys photo 1

A Man and His Dog

photo 1

Nothing like a boy and his dog(or a man and his dog)!! What a wonderful few days with Mark Booker and his Lab Jenney! I think the dog caught as many fish as Mark but all had a good time enjoying the White River.The river is beautiful and the fish have been cooperating so all is well in the Arkansas Ozarks. Book your trip now and come enjoy some well deserved time off at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!!

photo 2

Customers Return

It is so enjoyable to see customers who return year after year! These two father and son customers began coming to Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing lodge about 8 years ago and have been back each year. When I first met the boys they wee 11 and 12 years old. They are now grown up, off to college and are 18 and 19. Isn’t it amazing how time flies (especially when you are older!)

We had one really poor day of fishing but the next day things turned  around and we caught all kinds of fish. One boat had 70 fish caught by 11:30 a.m.Such nice folks and it is always a special treat when they return to the Arkansas Ozarks and Linger’s Guide Service!

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photo 4

Aggressive Behavior!

Talk about aggressive behavior! Just goes to show you how these fish think. . . all they are interested in one thing and that is killing and eating.

This is a very small smallmouth but rainbows and browns are just like all other fish . . . especially the browns which are natural born hunters and killers! It is no problem to identify a brown trout when it strikes your lure . . . it is definitely an event!!mike ninja with bass

Fishing on the White River has been super with lots of fish being caught. The rapala and the zig jig the baits of choice. Go to the rogue during higher water and be patient.

Contact me to book your trip to the White River. We can show you and your group a very special time in the arkansas ozarks linger’s guide service and fishing lodge!! Come see us….You will be glad you did!!

Pure Excitement On The White River

Excitement On The WhiteThere is nothing like the excitement I feel when I take clients on the White River early in the morning. To capture the look of pride and pure joy in their faces when they pose with a beautiful trout is something I don’t forget. I look forward to writing and uploading images to my blog to share this unique experience.

“First Class” treatment is my ultimate goal for clients and friends that join me in these beautiful mountains of Arkansas. I truly hope you are enjoying my blog and appreciate your visits.

Linger’s Guide Service is truly unmatched when it comes to making your vacation the best fishing and hunting trip possible. Thanks again for visiting.

20-20 – Posted July 6, 2004



The Prize Catch
So I find myself in Durango, Colorado sitting in a hotel room wondering why I had committed to a 10 day trip to the western slope. The purpose of the trip was to meet customers of my company and show a little interest. Why am I doing this I ask myself since we had been in business with the same customer for 20 years and had never seen them before so why now? Oh Well, I was there and about to start on my public relations mission when the thought crossed my mind about fly fishing for trout in the area. I had not brought any gear but what the heck I’ll do a little
research in the local fly shops, etc and see what might be available. Little did I know that I was about to experience a day of a lifetime for most people.

I made contact with a guide who I found in the phone book. He just happened to be the first ad since the name of his company started with the letter “A”. Anazazi Anglers, named after the cliff dwelling indians that inhabited the area long ago. Bob Freeman was his name and a nice fellow he was. Ex-corporate jet pilot for 20 something years and
retired to pursue his passion of fly fishing. He said not to worry about not having equipment as he had all I would need. I was quick to explain I was an experienced fly fisherman if he
could just put me in an area where the fish were active, I could take care of the rest.

Bob suggested the first few miles of the San Juan River below the dam. He had a drift rig and he could arrange the shuttle. I had to drive about 50 miles to meet him but that was an easy decision since my only
alternative was to call on customers I had never met for 20 years, who I did not want to meet and I am sure they did not want to meet me. So, the next morning I arrived at the agreed to location on the San Juan River. Bob was a very nice guy. He relaxed easily while drinking Oduls and was having fun at the end of the day.

I backed his boat in for him and away we went about 100 yards from the ramp and dropped anchor on a stream coming off a gravel bar. This was about 8:30 a.m. By 11 a.m. I had hooked and landed 5 rainbow trout 5 pounds or larger! Most folks don’t catch one trout that size in their life. I had five in a few hours. To say I was impressed would be putting it mildly. WHAT CUSTOMERS?? I never gave them another thought nor did I go see the ones in Durango! It gets better if you can believe it.

Fishing got slow all of a sudden and we went for an hour or so with not a strike. Now I am about to really be impressed. It was around 12;30 p.m. and Bob suggested we stop along the bank for a box lunch he had provided. On the way to make that happen I caught a small rainbow trout. He got in his gear and produced a large syringe with a long plastic tube where the needle would have gone. He stuck the tube down the throat of the trout and pulled the plunger out sucking out the stomach contents of
the trout. Then he squirted out the contents in his hand and took a close look. Bob promptly dug around in his gear and found some microscopic flys barely visible to the eye but they MATCHED PERFECTLY what he had squirted in his hand. Bob explained that we had been using the wrong flys and since this is what they were feeding on now that we should change flys to match the food in the trouts stomach. We did just that
and stopped on a high bank to have our box lunch while telling a story or two.

While I was finishing my sandwich Bob had wandered up the bank line to relieve himself. I saw him coming back and he hollered to get my fly rod out of the boat and come with him which I did. When I caught up with him he pointed down to a rock jetty and there they were. A 3 pounder and an extremely large rainbow that was so big I didn’t want to cast to him for fear of screwing something up. At the encouragement of Bob I began casting to the two fish laying in the current behind the rock jetty.
You might know the 3 pounder chased the fly every time and the big fish would not move an inch to go towards the fly. After about 10 or 12 casts the smaller fish got bored and swam off leaving the big fish by himself to eat everything that came by. Guess what? The next cast when the fly floated by he gently swam out gulped it made a circle and came right back where he had started from. I set the hook and the fight was on. Bob ran for the boat and started rowing upstream to get me off the bank Out in the middle of the river we went and dropped anchor. A 9 ft fly rod and 4lb leader seemed like an impossible combination especially with the current I was fighting. All my thoughts were negative. Strong current,
light leader, nerves, never had this type experience before, I’ll probably get broken off or lose the fish, dreams on the verge of being dashed, (I never thought about the customers however). I got through the first 30 minutes and felt pretty good. I figured if I had not lost the fish in a half hour I might have a chance. Indeed that came to pass. 25 minutes later and 55 minutes into the fight I landed the rainbow in Bobs net. I was happy, he was happy and the celebration was about to begin.

You probably wonder why this story is titled “20-20”? In trout fishing there is a club. It is called the 20/20 club. You have to catch a 20 inch or longer fish on a size #20 hook (very small) or smaller. When the
smoke cleared I had caught and landed a 26 inch rainbow on a # 22 hook and it was only the 3rd rainbow 25 inches or longer ever caught on the San Juan River at that time. We kept that fish alive like we were trying to “free Willy” because Bob wanted to show everyone he could before we returned the fish to the river for another day. The picture you see is a replica of the rainbow along with some pictures of Bob and I relishing the moment.

I guess there are a lot of morals to a story like this but I have my own take on this entire experience…….I’M SURE I WOULD NOT HAVE LIKED THOSE CUSTOMERS ANYWAY!


First Blog Entry July 15, 2004

Trout fishing trips on the White & Norfork rivers are an experience for all the family to enjoy. Once you have enjoyed this experience you will come back over and over as 80% of our customers have over the years. Trout bite year around and there is no particular time the fish bite better. It really depends on what type of weather you enjoy being in while enjoying nature and reeling in the “Finny Foe”. Generally speaking the larger trout bite better from December through March but you might catch the big one most any time you are here. My personal best trout came in the month of May and the next two largest came in July and September.

Linger First blog photo upload 7-15-04

Beautiful Weekend On The White River

What a volatile but beautiful weekend on the WHITE RIVER. Looking off the deck here at the lodge you can see the volatile cloud cover but it made for some good fishing. The river is running full and the color is excellent. Unless we have unusual rains all should remain the same for quite a while.Come to the Arkansas and enjoy yourself in the beautiful surroundings……LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE WILL SEE TO IT YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME!!

White River photographs

White River View