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Just Keep Casting

SOMETIMES THEY ARE SMALL AND SOMETIMES THEY ARE LARGE!! Just keep casting! The Ferannto Boys had a good time on the White & Norfork rivers. The fish were a little larger on the Norfork but you can’t get there until after 1 p.m. or so due to the current generation schedule….Come to the White River and enjoy some of this great weather and water conditions we are having!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE! …….417-839-0556….contact me anytime!



19.5 Inch Brown First Catch of The Day!

IMG_1798How about Tim Myers morning? His first cast of the day brought in this 19.5 inch Brown!! The high water is “making it happen” !! Every trip has been producing a couple nice Browns and those circumstances are going to prevail for a couple of months at least. Come enjoy the beautiful water conditions and make your own memories in the Arkansas Ozarks! LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE can “make it happen” for YOU!!



Larry and Tracy Nielson have purchased the house next door and it is only fitting to show them around the White River a little bit. We had a great time yesterday tossing RAPALAS in the higher water. Fishing just a little slow but we caught plenty plus a nice BROWN caught by Larry. I THINK THEY ARE HOOKED!!

Book your trip to the White River and get in on the action. Water levels are going to remain above normal for quite some time so the fishing will remain good and the BROWNS will be on the hunt! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE in Norfork, Arkansas. . . contact us today!!!

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Fishing Held Up Nicely Over Winter Months

Fishing has held up nicely over the Winter months….Zig Jigs, Scatter Raps and Rogues being the most productive on Spinning or level wind tackle….Pink Micro Zig Jigs and Variegated Olive Woolies have been the best producers on the fly rod….It is your choice what type of tackle you want to use or use all of them on the same day!!

IT IS YOUR CALL….Book some dates now at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE to have a great time on the White & Norfork rivers!!

One of my great joys is watching the deer feed around or home nestled in the beautiful hills and woods of Norfork, AR. This time of the year is so beautiful when the snow falls on the hillside and valleys.


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It does your heart good sometimes when you see family enjoying one another and it happens to include yourself. Such was the case with the MILLER BOYS! It had been many years since the father, Jim Miller, and his Sons Jeff and Brett had spent quality time together. Just the BOYS were involved.

All the wives, all the children stayed home and the boys came to the White River to enjoy the family get together and  enjoy what the Arkansas Ozarks has to offer. Two days on the water brought many a story and memories were made that will last a lifetime. The Trout fishing was outstanding and if I told you the two boats caught 250 fish the first day, I would probably be short in my count. It was one of those days that makes everyone look like a great fisherman with little effort. It was a good experience for the Miller family and a wonderful three day for me. Too bad they had to head back to Longview Texas and South Padre Island to get back into the swing of their daily lives. HOPE TO SEE THEM AGAIN SOON!


It was fun and an interesting experience with my last customers from Springfield Missouri! Mike and Janene Pruett along with their new found friends George and Cheryl Kuzmanov. That is where the interesting part comes in. . . George is from Bulgaria and has been a citizen of the U.S. for quite some time. His stories of his “Mother Country” as well as how he got to the U.S., how he met Cheryl and how he likes American life were very interesting.

Add in the fact that the Trout were biting extremely well for George and Mike and you have time on the water that was very well spent. Mike I have known for 20 years through his CPA firm and George is a brand new acquaintance for me that will become a better and better friend as time goes by.

Having trips like the Pruetts and Kuzmanovs is what makes my little life so fun and interesting! Book and trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE AND FISHING LODGE. . . IT WILL MAKE MY DAY!!

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That is a big part of life as well all go from day to day and year to year. As it was this week when Dick Jackson and his Grandson Jarred came back to the Arkansas Ozarks to catch some White River trout! It was great to see them again as we had fished together before and also had hunted Geese at Dicks hunting lodge in Oklahoma. Along with them came a very good friend of theirs Don Barron who had never been in this area before.

He had more stories than me and kept me occupied with his Texas stories and fishing adventures. What a good time was had by all. Believe me Dick and Don like to eat and all this time I have been thinking I was just a good cook!?  They capped off the meals by eating 24 trout for one dinner and two complete chickens for another dinner.  Thankfully the table cloth was tied down or it may have disappeared! Nothing better than seeing empty plates but when there are chunks out of the edges where they tried to bite into them…well I will let you imagine from there!!

What a great time seeing old friends and certainly meeting a new friend. I am sure we will stay friends for a long time and can’t wait for them to return to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE! Their wives need to feed them better before they come next time!

New Friends

It is always nice to meet new customers and especially so when they come to you via a referral from satisfied customers. Mike and Trish Meek were just that! They were referred to me by a gentleman who had fished with me before with a long time customer, Dan Farrer. So they were twice removed from Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge but through satisfied customers came my way.

From a S.W. Arkansas small town they found our clear, clear water the most interesting as you can watch your fish nearly all the way into the boat from where you caught him. Not something you see where they are from.

I agree the water is Not Key West or Belieze clear but it is the next best thing and it is right here in your own backyard!! It was my pleasure to meet Mikle and Trish and certainly hope they return another day to enjoy what the Arkansas Ozarks and Linger’s Guide Service have to offer!!

Mike and Trish Meek

Mike and Trish enjoyed the clear water while fishing with Linger’s Guide Service.

New customer Trish Meek certainly enjoyed the day fishing with Linger’s Guide Service.