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F I S H O N!!

No FISHING this weekend!! We spent the last four days of Turkey Season at hunt camp with good friends to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary!                                               What a time we had and got to hunt every day as well….5 out of 6 of us got turkeys during season so there was even more to celebrate!! FISHING                                                 CONDITIONS are great with low to medium water flow and the color a couple of shades off clear….PERFECT for artificial bait and that                                                 chance for a big fish…….I have no weekends available for the next month but weekdays are plentiful! How about a mid week get away to the                                                  WHITE RIVER??!! Give me a shout and lets work out a time that will work for you to come to LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING 

Deer Camp

These are photographs of our deer camp with my family and my lease members. We finally got back after 12 days and are headed back this weekend for a special Youth Hunt and some bow hunting. I got a nice buck, and my grandson got a nice deer. All had fun. Think about that Winter trip to LINGERS’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE. THE WATER LEVELS ARE JUST RIGHT TO CATCH ALL THE FISH YOU WOULD WANT TO!!!

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Nicaragua Hunt

We have always liked to doing things in the out of doors that most folks don’t have an interest in doing. A high volume Dove hunt has always been a desire of mine and Nancy’s. When we had the chance to go to Nicaragua for such a hunt we booked it immediately.We decided to make the trip an interesting one by going a few days early and see what the country was all about. We chose the Christmas Holidays which was a good decision and contacted a private driver/interpreter/hunt lodge employee to show us around for three days prior to our three days of hunting. The Nicaraguan history was rich…the scenery different than what we’re used to and some of the views absolutely breathtaking especially around the various volcanos that are present and active.The government decorate the entire Capitol of Managua with more Christmas decorations/nativity scenes(life size) and lights than you can possibly imagine……lobster lunch at Catatrina overlooking Lake Masaya and Granada from a 4000 foot mountain top perch was a highlight for sure before heading to the hunting lodge. Once there you were treated to Margaritas and Nachos after every hunt before settling in for lunch or dinner. The hunts were 2.5 hours each…one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Basically you shot 10 boxes of shells at each hunt. More if you wanted to.No waste of a good resource as the locals would gather around during the hunt and wait to be awarded all the doves after you were done. They get very little meat so this is a real treat for the local folks and they seem to be very appreciative. Not only Doves but also a good sampling of Wild Pigeons depending the terrain you were hunting that day.A larger, pretty bird that has a special taste and are very sought after.Each hunt you would shoot 50 to 100 birds depending on ability and the prevailing wind conditions. Much faster and trickier than the Mourning Doves found in the United States making for very difficult/interesting targets!There is not enough space to tell you everything I want to about an EXCELLENT trip that we will repeat very soon. If you have questions about this exciting experience feel free to contact me and I will fill you in on the details of A TRUE BUCKET LIST TRIP!!


Nancy & I wish you the very best 2015 and hope that all your plans and goals for the new year all come to pass. 2014 was a FUN year at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE and we want you to try and put a trip to the Arkansas Ozarks & White River in your plans for 2015. We will continue to show you a good time on the river and a very comfortable experience here in the Ozarks. The fishing, the scenery and the good times abound and all will continue in the new year.Book a trip early so you can get the dates you need to accommodate family, friends or business associates!!

REMEMBER….Now offering ***COMBINATION GOLF & FISHING TRIPS                                                                                                       ***SPECIALIZED DAY TRIPS(no lodging or meals)
                          ***LODGING & MEALS ONLY, DO YOUR OWN SIGHTSEEING

Whatever your interests are and however you would like your day on the river to go we can MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Just tell  me what you have in mind and we will work out details and pricing to meet your needs/expectations!



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It was YOUTH DEER SEASON this past weekend and what a good time it was!! Our 11 year old grandson got his second deer in as many years and was a happy camper. It is always special this time of year when father, son & grandsons can get together and share the great outdoors.

Next year it will be time for the youngest to try his luck on bagging Bambi!…..Water levels are great and the fish biting like crazy on the Zig Jig on spinning tackle or Woolies on the fly rod!! Make plans to come join us for some late Fall or Winter fishing!! You will be glad you did!!

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Beautiful Fall Scenery With All The Trimmings!

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With brown trout, deer and turkey season, plus Halloween and beautiful Fall scenery, it is hard to beat the Ozarks . . . Come see us and enjoy this celebration of Fall by catching a boat load of fish and enjoying the scenery.


Call Text or Email me today to get your trip booked to enjoy what is going on here in the Arkansas Ozarks.

Dove Season “Over 20 Years of With Friends”

Group Shot 2014 Dove SeasonIt is that time of year again! The annual pilgrimage to the BOOTHEEL portion of Missouri to open DOVE SEASON. We have a group of 25/30 hunters that congregate for several days scouting for Doves then open the season on September 1st. Plenty of  BBQ dove breasts and plenty of adult beverages rounds out each day and get ready to do it again the next morning. Always a treat to have my wife with us (usually the only woman in the group and she shoots better than most of us) to enjoy the experience.

We have been enjoying this get together for over 20 years with the group and already look forward to next year. We do a lot more than just fish here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!! The White River is beautiful and the fish biting very good. Book a Fall trip and come see what the Arkansas Ozarks has to offer!

Nancy 2014  Dove Season


This was definitely the best Turkey hunting experience my wife Nancy and I have ever had.  wowsliderFor a change, my turkey calling seemed to actually mean something to the turkeys and they responded very well. My friend, Mark Becker and I “doubled” on Friday thanks to the YELLOW YELPER call!!.

Nancy got her first one early Saturday morning and she got her second one early Sunday morning. The time spent in the woods with her and coaxing those reluctant turkeys to within shotgun range  will be something she and I will remember/share for a lifetime . . . topping  it all off it was our 35th anniversary!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NANCY!! We do more than just fish here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE. Book a trip and come share some stories!

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How much fun is it to see a young folk get their first Turkey?! The Missouri Youth Turkey Season was last weekend and we were fortunate enough to have a successful hunter.

Jarret is his name and he is from Springfield. He was front and center on opening morning and with a little help from a relative he was able to get his .20 gauge on target and score his first Turkey. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long relationship with the outdoors and all the fun and excitement that comes with it!

Young Turkey Hunter

Jarrett with first turkey.

We are very lucky to have had a hunting lease for 16 or 17 years and it is experiences like Jarret’s that motivate us to continue keeping the dream alive for us adults as well as our children and grand children.


Young man with first turkey

Jarret from Springfield, Missouri with his first turkey.

turkey from hunting day.