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Still The Best

We took a float plane 70 miles South of Lafitte La and wade fished for Specs…next day we Red fished closer in deep in the marsh and had a blast. THEY TASTE GOOD TOO. The trout are biting in Arkansas so book a few days to enjoy the Arkansas Ozarks and the White River!! We still like it here the BEST!! LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE AND FISHING LODGE IS STILL THE BEST!!!


The Father/Son team from Missouri caught 75 fish and proved they knew what they were doing!! The bonus was that the Father and I have known each other for 70 years but had not been together for 35 years or so!! We had a lot of catching up to do. I am sure the Son got a little bored with the Old Man talk, but I certainly enjoyed it! Just an example how fishing and the great outdoors can bring people together. Book your trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE AND MAKE YOUR MEMORIES!

Make Your Own Fun!

Make your own fun! You can make your own fun at Lingers Guide
Service & Fishing Lodge! The Sandy family from Springfield, MO,
brought three generations to the White River for a family get together. My boat quit counting at 100 fish before lunch!! Make your own fun & memories at Lingers Guide Service & Fishing Lodge! You will be glad you did!!

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Trout Bite The Same Very Day Of The Year

It has been a good year and a great Fall. Bookings are solid through November 10th then I leave for deer camp for a couple of weeks….think about a Winter trip to the WHITE RIVER!! REMEMBER….the trout bite here the same EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! Put together your group for the Winter or early Spring. Now is the time to get the dates you want/need!!Book a trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE>>>>>>>YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!

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Father’s Day Celebration

Now are these two having any fun? You bet they were. A. J. and Luke were here for three days of fishing on the WHITE RIVER and staying here at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE with their Fathers. What great Dads and what great kids! It does my soul good to see parents bringing their children to the great outdoors and letting them experience what nature has to offer. What fun. You still have time to get a trip together with your Sons or Daughters and enjoy the fun . . . Fishing on the White River is a perfect venue for youngsters!!
Contact me for your booking!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!

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Wichita Group

The “Wichita Group” made it back to the White River once again! What a great time we had and already wanting them to return!! Put together your group and venture forth to do battle with the “Finney Foe”!!I have a few dates in July/August and booking for OCTOBER/SEPTEMBER…..Something has happened this year and the area including my service has been very busy, unlike recent years. If you have certain dates, you need NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK!! Two trips already on the books for October so contact me and lets work out the details for your trip to the Arkansas Ozarks!!
Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge WANTS YOU TO HAVE SOME FUN ON THE WHITE RIVER!!

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IMG_2447We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Obabikon Bay Lodge on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. I don’t have to say much as you will get the drift when you look at this small sampling of photos taken on our 4.5 day trip to Obabikon! We were on our 16th trip to Obabikon Bay Lodge, and there will be 16 more if I live long enough. If a journey like this is on your “bucket list” then join us for next years trip and experience fishing like you have never dreamed! THE DATES FOR 2017 are May 18th through 23rd.

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There is no limit to how many folks can go on the trip, but you need to get on the list so I can coordinate with the lodge owner.Enjoy the pictures then go to Obabikon Bay Lodge website and see for yourself what you will be experiencing.There is a $500 deposit per person required six months out. Get with your Wife or your fishing buddies and make it happen. In the meantime come to the Arkansas Ozarks And Linger’s Guide Service & Fishing Lodge to experience the world famous White River!! Fishing is magnificent and the weather perfect.

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James Gang Rides Again!

And so the James Gang came to the white river….again….Father David and Son Jason came once again to have a little fun on the White River. Jame was just here with his wife and came back a few weeks later with his Father. I don’t know if I know anyone else that makes as many casts as the James Gang, but that is the way to hedge your bet when trying to catch a bigger fish…keep your lure in the water…..and believe me these folks know all about that. A pleasure to fish with as they fish hard and stay with it every minute they are in the boat. The results are in the picture.!!
Enjoy the fun at Linger’s Guide Service &Fishing Lodge! You will be glad you did!