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It was YOUTH DEER SEASON this past weekend and what a good time it was!! Our 11 year old grandson got his second deer in as many years and was a happy camper. It is always special this time of year when father, son & grandsons can get together and share the great outdoors.

Next year it will be time for the youngest to try his luck on bagging Bambi!…..Water levels are great and the fish biting like crazy on the Zig Jig on spinning tackle or Woolies on the fly rod!! Make plans to come join us for some late Fall or Winter fishing!! You will be glad you did!!

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Beautiful Fall Scenery With All The Trimmings!

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With brown trout, deer and turkey season, plus Halloween and beautiful Fall scenery, it is hard to beat the Ozarks . . . Come see us and enjoy this celebration of Fall by catching a boat load of fish and enjoying the scenery.


Call Text or Email me today to get your trip booked to enjoy what is going on here in the Arkansas Ozarks.


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Bow seasons for deer and turkey opened the 15th of September and gun season for turkey opened October 1st.

It is an integral part of our lives each Fall and this year was no different. We kicked off the season camping 10 of the first 14 days of season at our hunting lease in southern Missouri.

One deer hit the ground but what is much more important than that is that my wife, Nancy, kept her record kill streak on turkeys alive. Since she started turkey hunting she has shot 29 times and has killed 30 turkeys. No other man in camp can claim anything like that. I am 35 for 41 but after that no one else in camp is even a contender. I know that she will have her a “bad day” sometime but for now the streak is alive and certainly gives her “braggin” rights!

What fun and what a great time of year to enjoy camp and the friendship that comes along with all of us enjoying the same things in life. Now it is back to fish for a while, till Gun Deer Season open!

Year End Success

Year end success was a welcome treat. A group of us headed to our hunting lease in southern Missouri for the last week of deer season. It is a “special methods” season where you can fill any leftover firearms tag with a muzzle loader, bow, cross bow or center fire pistol.

We were there for a few days to end the season and what fun we had. We ended up killing six deer (missed two more), two Turkeys and two armadillos. Spending time at deer camp this time of year was an absolute bonus and fun was had by all!

Going back in two weeks to end Bow Deer & Turkey season then it will be back to fishing the White River and Norfork Lake. Come enjoy some of the fun we have here AT lINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE….We can customize your trip so you can enjoy exactly what you want to do. Just let me know and we can work it out!!

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Deer Hunting Season In Missouri

Deer hunting season in Missouri (where we are from) has been a huge deal to folks in that state for as long as I can remember. Missouri has 400,000 plus tags sold just for opening day of modern gun season. More than most any other state.

It is no different at our “camp”. We have 1500 acre of total forest and have had for 17 years. Deer Season for most of us is the most important thing to look forward to all year long and we swing into gear for 11 days in November and 10 days in December to use firearms.Bow season is even more satisfying being 4 months long.

Anyway, deer camp is a special place where we all camp out, cook out, drink out and hunt each and every day. Those that understand this ritual can relate to what happens at deer camp with all the fun, laughter, family ties and camaraderie between members and guests. For those that do not understand/relate…..I am sorry as you are missing a quality time in your life!!photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo 1 photo 2