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Buffalo River

IMG_2321It was a “fish on” kind of day on the Buffalo River yesterday!! The water level was perfect for an upstream trip in pursuit of “Mr. Smally”!! The bite was not everywhere but plenty of fish and a good day with my great friend Mike Logan, who many of you know. The Buffalo is a beautiful place, and we are fortunate to have this national treasure in our backyard. IMG_2323 Enjoy the fun at lingers guide service & fishing lodge!! Booking now for the last three weeks of June!! Contact me now to get the dates you want!! IMG_2324 IMG_2319


DSC00780OUT OF BAD THINGS…GOOD CAN COME!!…..and it’s getting ready to happen!! We have just experienced a 100 year flood on the White River which was a very bad experience for those electing to live in the flood plain….HOWEVER!! The best BROWN TROUT fishing I have experienced in my whole life was in 2008 after our last 100 year flood. It lasted a good six months after the flood waters receded. It will take several months for the Corp to release the water being held in Norfork and Bullshoals lakes and that makes GREAT BROWN TROUT FISHING! Tie on a Rattlin Rogue or Rapala go to the banks that hold the larger fish and hang on!! Starting anytime through the next several months we should have plenty of generator of water most every day and that is the key to pin pointing the BROWNS!! Give your schedule a little thought and book a trip to the WHITE RIVER to chase the Finney Foe!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE knows how and where to put you in the proximity of that trophy you have been waiting for! Call-Text or email me to set up your Winter excursion to the WHITE & NORFORK rivers!! 

Buffalo River Fishing Success

IMG_1588Took a trip up the Buffalo River today to see what was happening . . . what was happening was SMALLMOUTH BASS biting!! It was slow at first but as we got further downstream we found them and caught them up to 3 pounds or larger.

Caught most of them on TUBE BAITS and a few on ZIG JIGS…the day was a success as my buddy Mike caught Smallmouth, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout and Goggle Eye. Everything that swims was a little bit active today.

Tomorrow it is a Trout expedition on the White River….they have been biting good and have no reason to think that will change. Come see us at LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE….We have fun here above all else!!


Buffalo River Adventure

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My guide Mike, who many of you know, and I spent a day on the Buffalo River and what fun. The Smallmouth were cooperating on tube baits at first then they changed to big spinner baits. It is amazing to me how a Sun Perch can inhale a 5/8ths ounce spinner bait with #7 blades and have it all in his mouth. After a good river trip we retired to the deck of the lodge for an adult beverage and a great sunset.

Come enjoy the fun at Linger’s Guide Service And Fishing Lodge. The weather and water are wonderful! DON’T FORGET TO GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE AND SEE ALL THE INFORMATION. THE BLOG IS NOW PART OF THE WEBSITE SO IT IS MUCH EASIER TO ACCESS ALL MY PHOTO ALBUMS, STORIES ETC. (I get excited and shout my message lines sometimes.)

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