Big Brown?

You want to try for a big brown??? Now is the time!! With the flood water making the river rise we will have heavy generation for weeks and weeks. The big browns move to the bank to avoid all the problems they have been having and that makes them more vulnerable to the rattlin rogue and rapala…..Look at your calendars and make plans to come take a run at a big boy while the conditions are good!! In may the only dates I have available are

May 8 & 9…..May 14,15 1/2 day on the 16th……Then may 29,30,31, June 1st. If you are truly interested these would be good dates. June will be good as well as long as the generation continues. I am certain it will as both lakes are 20 to 25 feet above pool as we speak……..Contact me and let’s make it happen….870-499-5185-Lodge….417-839-0556 Cell….Email….Linger@centurytel.Net…..Lingers guide service & fishing lodge