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I am a full time guide who has lived and guided here on the White & North Fork rivers since 1994. I began coming here with my family in 1959 and was eventually fortunate to move here after retirement and started guiding. Linger’s Giude Service & Fishing Lodge was started six years ago and it has turned out to be much more than we had ever dreamed.

Worth The Look

SOMETHING NEW!! The State of Arkansas has just completed a scenic overlook of the Norfork River valley. Since I was a kid we pulled over on the side of the road and walked out to a dangerous place to get this view. A citizen owned the easement and donated it to the state if they would build something useable. The pictures do not do the view justice . . . next time you are here stop and check it out. It is right on 5 highway before you cross the Norfork River bridge. Speaking of coming here…..give me a shout and let’s get some dates set for your trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!


News Worthy Items!

A couple of news worthy items from LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!!

I am back in the Bass Boat business which will allow me to let some of you book “Add On” Striper trips in the Spring. This usually occurs when the water temp is 55 or more and the fish are shallow. It is a 3 in the morning till daylight trip and is only for folks who can definitely handle their equipment as you are fishing in the dark……..


The Trout are biting fine….you may have a little trouble with the ICE as witnessed by my Rogue I used yesterday…..never got above 16 degrees but the fish did not care!!


Book your dates now and make sure you get the times you want for friends or family!!WE HAVE FUN AT LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE!!

Year End Success

Year end success was a welcome treat. A group of us headed to our hunting lease in southern Missouri for the last week of deer season. It is a “special methods” season where you can fill any leftover firearms tag with a muzzle loader, bow, cross bow or center fire pistol.

We were there for a few days to end the season and what fun we had. We ended up killing six deer (missed two more), two Turkeys and two armadillos. Spending time at deer camp this time of year was an absolute bonus and fun was had by all!

Going back in two weeks to end Bow Deer & Turkey season then it will be back to fishing the White River and Norfork Lake. Come enjoy some of the fun we have here AT lINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE….We can customize your trip so you can enjoy exactly what you want to do. Just let me know and we can work it out!!

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Memorable Weekend For Father & Son

What a farewell trip!! Bob Stevenson and his son Alex were just here for a few days of fun, fishing and relaxation.  Alex is leaving for the Army in two weeks and his Dad has been doing a few special things with him prior to his departure. We have all deer hunted together several times but Alex had never fished and not been introduced to the Arkansas Ozarks. I guarantee you he is hooked now and will be returning at his first opportunity. The trip provided plenty of personal time for Father/Son including Alex saving his Dad when he fell out of the boat in water well over his head. It was exciting for a few minutes until we got control of the problem but concern soon turned to laughter when finally returning to the lodge for adult beverages.Come enjoy the fun at Lingers Guide Service and Fishing Lodge but I highly recommend staying in the boat!!

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  • Always good food!
  • Finally time to relax.
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