No Flood Gates

FISH ON !!! . . . and fun was had by all! Always enjoy people enjoying themselves and glad to be a part of it!!
The lakes are 20 feet high and still, no FLOODS GATES….it should happen real soon. When it does the BIG FISH will start biting!!Come enjoy some fun of your own at LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!!

Headed to CANADA tomorrow to punish the NORTHERN PIKE…I know its a terrible job but I sign up every year to try and do my part!! My cell works 24 hours a day even on the island we will be on in Canada. Call, text or email if I can help you with anything!!

F I S H O N!!

No FISHING this weekend!! We spent the last four days of Turkey Season at hunt camp with good friends to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary!                                               What a time we had and got to hunt every day as well….5 out of 6 of us got turkeys during season so there was even more to celebrate!! FISHING                                                 CONDITIONS are great with low to medium water flow and the color a couple of shades off clear….PERFECT for artificial bait and that                                                 chance for a big fish…….I have no weekends available for the next month but weekdays are plentiful! How about a mid week get away to the                                                  WHITE RIVER??!! Give me a shout and lets work out a time that will work for you to come to LINGERS GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING 

Finney Foe Fighters

F  I  S  H   O  N !!! My stomach and chest are literally sore from laughing at these guys for four days! I am going through with drawl now that the lodge is emptyand life is back to normal. Fishing was slower than usual but we still had Browns from 16 to 22 inches and a 20 inch Rainbow so all was not lost.  all these fellows are all accomplished fishermen(except one) so they put up a good fight against the “finney foe” under poor conditions! After having them come for 15 years I can’t wait for them to return!! Get your own group together and come enjoy some fun at LINGER’S  GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!! 

This is one of the great benefits of living on the WHITE RIVER!!

This is one of the great benefits of living on the WHITE RIVER!! The temps turned out great so Nancy and I had a short window of hitting the river for a couple of hours.
Nancy threw the RAPALA and I tossed my favorite ROGUE! She caught the most fish but I got down in the Bluff Hole and snatched a pretty nice BROWN to make our little excursion worthwhile!! BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW to come to the WHITE RIVER AND ENJOY THE ARKANSAS OZARKS AT THEIR FINEST!!! Folks are already booking to make sure they get the dates they need! Don’t get left outcome and yank some White River trout…..YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!! ……..LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE!! STARTING OUR 16TH YEAR!!

linger fishing
Linger On The White

Tarpon In Trinidad/Tobago

F  I  S  H   O  N!!!! This is putting it mildly!! Our trip to Trinidad/Tobago was great!! The number one TARPON fishing location in the world and it lived up to all expectations and then some!! Back in Norfork Arkansas is a big change as we left the tropics and came home to rain and snow!!  Oh Well, I still love to see the seasons change and enjoy the scenery it brings with it! Had total phone connections while gone so was able to deal with a few bookings that came in while we were on our mission. NOW IS THE TIME to book the dates you want/need. Contact me and lets work out your custom trip to the White River!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE& FISHING LODGE Come see us….You will be glad you did!!

Happy New Year!

AND…..A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you folks out there in Email land. I hope you got everything you wished for at CHRISTMAS and that your NEW YEAR is the best ever.Things in the Arkansas Ozarks are about the same…this time of year it is river fishing, lake fishing and deer hunting…not much else to do if you live around here. Generation has just increased this week and it looks like they are into their Winter draw down. This makes more room in the lakes so they don’t get surprised by late Winter and early Spring rains. These water conditions favor catching a big fish in the higher water while casting “stickbaits”!!  This is a good time for you to start planning your year and put together a trip to LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE! I have not made a firm decision yet but I am leaning toward this year being my last to operate my guide service. This is year 16 and just don’t know how many more, if any, I have left in me. Things are fine for now so get your schedule working and book a trip to come enjoy the White River!!…..YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!   

Trout Biting Like Crazy!

The trout are biting like crazy and virtually no fisher people to punish them. The constant low water for the last couple of months have those bad boys loaded up in certain parts of the river
and makes it a lot easier to find them. Barring some days when fish just don’t bite we have been having our way with them. The big fish don’t bite real well on low water but there are a lot of fish biting and that keeps you busy & interested!! This group of Tennessee boys came for the 13th year in a row and had a hell of a time on the White River……..Look into the Winter or next year and book a trip to come enjoy the Arkansas Ozarks!! LINGER’S GUIDE SERVICE & FISHING LODGE is here to show you a GOOD TIME!!

A Year Later

Nancy finally got her deer back from the taxidermist…It took one year and the 2018 season starts next weekend. She will be defending her “big buck” title in camp so here we go again!!……. How about a winter trip to linger’s guide service & fishing lodge?? The fish bite the same all year so why not put a little extra fun in your life!!

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